In my quest for continual learning and a deeper grasp of Product Management, and to expand my knowledge of products, I enrolled in Product School. I completed the program in 2021, earning a PmC Certificate. Initially, I was impressed and would have recommended it to anyone. However, after three years and gaining more experience, my perspective has shifted. I now believe that while the program provides a foundational understanding, it barely scratches the surface of what it truly means to be a Product Manager.

As the technology landscape evolves rapidly, the role of Product Managers varies greatly across different organizations. The entry-level certificate from Product School is beneficial if you are completely new to Product Management and have the financial means to invest in the course, if your employer is covering the cost, or if you are seeking to network with other Product Managers in the community.

The community aspect of Product School was valuable initially, but over time, the interactions in the Slack channel waned. Despite this, I must commend Product School as a well-structured and comprehensive product in its own right.

I appreciate my experience at Product School at that time, so here is my review from then.