Girls Who Code is an organization I wish I had experienced during my childhood. As a teenager, I avidly taught myself how to code and design using Frontpage and Dreamweaver, and I would have eagerly participated in a program like this if it had existed.

When offered the opportunity to teach high school students in New York, New Jersey, and remotely across the United States, I embraced the chance to give back and serve young girls interested in technology. Despite my then focus on developing ideas around MVP and Lean Methodologies, the program I provided aimed to provide a deeper understanding of User Experience (UX), User Storytelling, and Prototyping.

With only 60 minutes to work with, I sought to create a unique experience by combining these concepts from idea to launch.

I was consistently impressed by the creativity and ingenuity of the girls I worked with. Each session brought forth a new set of innovative ideas, presented with detailed wireframes or prototypes. I was amazed at their ability to flesh out complete concepts in such a short time. I truly hope they continue to develop and pursue their ideas.

I am also grateful to Microsoft for their generosity in donating swag and providing additional products for the students. Their support added an extra layer of excitement and motivation to the program.