A Mobile Startup Project

Hair Decoded is a hairstyle discovery app that allows you to book stylist, salons, or barbers geo-location.

Hair Decoded Features

  • Style Blazer Top 10 Apps for Fashion Week
  • Curls Understand Top 6 apps for Natural Hair and Beauty
  • App Crawler Top 10 Hair Apps
  • Top 4 for Hair Apps Talking Texture
  • Selected to be featured at 2014 Web Summit

Hair Decoded Social Engagement

  • Users can upload, share and comment on their favorite styles
  • Users can book directly through the app

Hair Decoded Offers

  • Different types of hairstyles and textures in search
  • Enhances the way salons, hairstylist, and barbers interact with their clients

Hair Decoded Marketplace

By building this marketplace, anyone will be able to visualize their style prior to booking.