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It is hard for freelancers to organize their money.  I wanted to save a percentage from everything that I made. The idea of Lixot is similar to Digit. Digit automatically debits money from your account, without telling the exact amount. It can range form 2 cents to $25.  They would never overdraft from your account.  Automation works and it is more productive, consistent, and it allows one to think about other things.

I also use Acorns.  Acorns, allows you to invest automatically diversified across 7,000 stocks and bonds to help improve your return while reducing risk. I love these apps because money and investing are important to planning a future.  However, Lixot it different.  I consider it a tithe automation payment to self.

So excited to move forward with this project and with a tech partner to help, I built my very first prototype using to plan out my ideas. At the time, I did not know any other easy prototype tools to execute my ideas.  Eventually, working with my lead designer for The Alfam, Lukas, he was able to design the first PSD to be converted in the the platform my new tech partner was building.

With the designs I created, we were about to add to the platform to the designs to see if the product was actually worth it.  I hated how the designs came out and it was extremely frustrated by seeing other emerging designer marketplaces popping out.

So instead of using the design I had, I decided to use the platform basic design that was ready to go right away.  During this time, I changed the logo and made it more user friendly to match competitors.  I added specifics on the right to really curate on what people really wanted.

Now that the product was up and ready to go, I was still not satisfied and happy.  So, I tabled it because of time restraints to focus on Hair Decoded.

In 2014, I started from scratch again. At this point, I just wanted to do it regardless if it succeeds or fails. I just wanted to complete it. Working with another designer, I started redesigning. While I was redesigning, I started a blog, interviewed a few emerging designers, and recruited a team.

After put it out there to find partners, I was able to get a cofounder, investor, intern, developer, and designer throughout the one month process of looking to build a team.

I realized in order to do this, I would have to drop everything. Starting over for the 3rd time was annoying but it was worth it at the time.

Now, here we are today, with the project still undone. We are completed the PSD’s to be sold for a template for other users to use to create their own stores. Or maybe we may just redo it and pivot. All of this requires time and money.

But, after all of this. I would like to say that I love the designs and more proud of it. I plan to finish this project regardless before the end of 2017. I would say I need about a month a so to dedicate to it, but it will happen.