If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe. Here are projects I am currently working on.

Blockchain Real Estate / Launches August 20

Pair Gap

Pair Gap is a platform that enables individuals to connect with ideal partners to buy or invest in Real Estate, living and sharing in home ownership together. Using blockchain technology, the process will be seamless.

Stylist Marketplace / Launches July 1

Hair Decoded V4

Finally, with the new design, I can't wait to relaunch. Since pivoting, the web platform will match seamlessly with the mobile app. With tons of new features, this version will be one of the best.

Commerce Marketplace / Launches July 15

Mettle Me V2

After creating an emerging designer marketplace from scratch, I decided to scratch that and focus on another niche. After watching Netflix's Trigger Warning by Killer Mike, I pivoted to focusing on products created and produced by minorities. Circulating the dollar within communities helps.

No Tie Shoe Lace / Launches May 15

Bubble Lace

Working with a physical product is slightly different than a digital product. However, the process is the same.