If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe. Here are projects I am currently working on.

Blockchain Real Estate / Launches August 20

Pair Gap

Pair Gap is a platform that enables individuals to connect with ideal partners to buy or invest in Real Estate, living and sharing in home ownership together.

Stylist Marketplace / Launches July 1

Hair Decoded V4

Finally, with the new design, I can't wait to relaunch. Since pivoting, the web platform will match seamlessly with the mobile app. With tons of new features, this version will be one of the best.

Commerce Marketplace / Launches July 15

Mettle Me V2

After creating an emerging designer marketplace from scratch, I decided to scratch that and focus on another niche. After watching Netflix's Trigger Warning by Killer Mike, I pivoted to focusing on products created and produced by minorities. Circulating the dollar within communities helps.

No Tie Shoe Lace / Launches May 15

Bubble Lace

Working with a physical product is slightly different than a digital product. However, the process is the same.