Recommend Me allows users to give and receive recommendations based work ethic and personality traits using a ratings and review system.

Recommend Me provides you with a total of 60 traits to pick from, and these are divided into two groups: Work Ethic and Personality Traits. Each section offers a total of 30 traits, divided into two sections: 15 positive and 15 neutral. This allows users to pick, up vote, or down vote traits in each section, for a particular person.

Recommend Me provides the opportunity for users to affirm each others’ amazing qualities. It also allows for the sharing of information, for future friendships or encounters. Individuals that want to log in and recommend others must be open to being reviewed themselves, as a profile is automatically created. Anyone that does not want to be reviewed or recommended should not log onto the site. If you're interested in being a part of this community, you are asked to first read, and make sure you understand How To Engage and the Guidelines & Rules.

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